Custom WordPress Themes

I build custom WordPress themes from scratch to meet the unique design requirements for your website. I use my own opensource WordPress theme framework “PressGang” as the foundation for custom WordPress themes that I design. This enables quick development with many useful features out of the box without having to rely on unnecessary plugin bloat.

Standard Features

Modern, clean, standards compliant code, tested on W3C.
Cross-Browser Support
Tested on modern web browsers.
Responsive Design
Tablet, and mobile ready design, using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework has become the defacto standard framework for building modern, responsive, mobile-first web apps. I use Bootstrap’s LESS files to customise your website’s CSS, keeping the code behind the scenes as clean and efficient as possible.
Out of the box, my themes generate SEO friendly titles and unique descriptions for each page. They also create an automated sitemap.xml file to assist Search Engine indexing.
Built in Google Analytics, and Google Web Master support, also optionally add suport for other services, e.g. Hotjar, SumoMe, etc., as you require.
Social Media
My themes generate Open Graph tags used by Facebook and other networks for sharing content, and optionally provide built in AddThis integration, for sharing accross multiple social networks.

Recommended Add-Ons

Optimised for fast performance using WP-Total-Cache adding compression, caching, and minification, as well as image reduction using EWWW-ImageOptimizer. Optionally I can configure Content Delivery Networks such as Amazon’s CloudFare for improved download times.
I can configure cloudfare for Firewall and DDoS protection, and setup SSL for encrypting traffic to your site.

Web Design

If you already have a strong brand, logos, fonts, colour schemes, etc., and have your own creative ideas for the site that you would like to try then we can work together to bring them to life. I tend to do this by “designing in the browser”, i.e. building the design as we go based on your feedback. This works well for many clients, but others may be happier getting a designer on board to work through these features, in which case I can equally work to graphic designs built in PhotoShop.

Here are some useful links to get you started

Template Ideas
Wrap Bootstrap
Colour Schemes
Font Awesome Icons
Bootstrap JavaScript Components
animate.css, WOW.js, Hover.css
Lightbox Popups

Advanced WordPress Features

To make your website easier for you to manage and update there are many more advanced features that I can implement so that your site really makes the most of what WordPress has to offer.

We can discuss in an initial consultation about your WordPress site these CMS features in more detail, as an overview these can include Custom Page Templates, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Widgets, Shortcodes, and Plugins. If this all seems like a lot of jargon for now, do not worry, I will be able to talk through your options when designing your website requirememts, and determine the best features for your needs. Enquire