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I am a freelance web developer currently based in Bristol UK (previously having spent 5 years in Berlin, Germany). I have over 12 years of experience in full-stack web application development. I offer my services as a coder for hire to work with businesses of all sizes including start-ups, creative agencies, designers and other freelancers.


Front-End Web Development

A front-end web developer is concerned with the practise of developing the aspect of website code that is delivered to, and runs on the “client-side” (i.e. in the user’s web browser).

More specifically a front-end web developer is skilled in producing the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website that a user can see and interact with directly.

As an experienced front-end web developer I am well versed in all the modern technologies that form an integral part of responsive web design.

Back-End Web Development

A back-end developer is concerned with the aspect of a website that runs on the web server.

Usually this consists of three symbiotic areas: the server software, the application code, and the database, but there are many different server platforms, programming languages and databases that operate for this environment.

My back-end skills are primarily as a PHP / MySQL developer, though I have worked extensively with Microsoft .NET languages (C# and VB.NET) and SQL Server in the past, and I’ve also developed applications in Ruby on Rails and other database platforms (PostgreSQL).

I studied software engineering as part of my Masters degree in Electronic Engineering at York University, and am familiar with modern software design methodologies including Object Oriented (OO) programming, MVC, Agile, and Test Driven Development TDD.

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